Individual Voice parts to print

Here you will find copies of each individual part for 'Run, Shepherds, run', to help you navigate through the score more easily.  These can be viewed on screen or printed.  Paper copies will be available at the rehearsals.

Soprano 1 part

Soprano 2 part

Alto 1 part

Alto 2 part

Tenor part

Bass 1 part

Bass 2 part

Resources for

'And Peace on Earth'


Here you will find resources to help you learn your parts for the first and last movements:


Click HERE for videos with score of your part on my YouTube channel.


Audio Tracks:

Click below to listen or download audio tracks (mp3)


1. The time draws near

Full Choir

Solo Vocalist







5. Run, Shepherds, run

Full Choir

Solo Vocalist

Soprano 1

Soprano 2

Alto 1

Alto 2


Bass 1

Bass 2